• Education

    Since 1847 and perhaps before, The land we all call home (Utah) has placed great value on education.

    Intelligence is the ability to acquire and apply knowledge and skills.

    Empowering Intelligence is the impetus to creating wealth and bringing our children back to rural Utah to live.

    Education is the forum to learn how to acquire that knowledge and Empower Intelligence.  

    The Public Schools in Utah are excellent. They are a critical venue to gain the education to Empower the Intelligence our children acquire.  

    Utah Public Schools seem to come, unjustly, under criticism for being less than perfect.   

    I was able to teach at Manti High School for several years.  I saw first hand the dedication and internal desire many public school educators possess to Empower our children with Intelligence.  I saw educators giving all they had to give for the education, safety, health and happiness of those students.  Our three children all came through the public school system, first in the Wasatch County School District and then in the South Sanpete School District.  All three of our children became lovers of education.  All three children learned how to Empower the Intelligence they have.  They became lifelong learners.

    To Empower the Intelligence we all possess we must have educators that know how to inspire and love to teach. We have to have educators that show our children how to access and Empower Intelligence.   

    To have the educators that can Empower the Intelligence within our children, the educators have to have the confidence that we will support them.  The educators must also understand the sacred trust we have in them and not recklessly squander that trust.  The educators must hold themselves accountable and understand that the public will hold them accountable too.  The public must understand that to have such educators we must compensate them accordingly. 

    Our Generations to come, need to be Empowered with Intelligence and the best education, in all its facets we can give them.  

    Our Educators need to be recognized for selecting a sacred profession. They need to understand the responsibility and accountability associated with the sacred trust we have in them and in their profession.